White Mountains National Forest Drive 2012


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Glad I came despite having to drive my beater outback. I pulled over and filmed the group pass in Raymond and almost witnessed a pileup from people tailgating , I was in the back of the pack but after that I took my secret tunnel I had to wait up for everyone to catch up by Shawnee Peak. Then I lead for a while and took everyone down a route that was not the exactly the one planned (oops). After I was in the back again I got to see a very irate old woman shout "IDIOTS!" at me as I was the last to pull out of Bear notch rd. I wish I had more pics to share but at least I got some good drive by's.



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Here's a cpl more pics + small video





Vide of above pic:

Vid of driving. Tried to get a sense of experience and colors of the tree's & all... but shitty cell phone camera, plus 1 hand driving and 1 hand holding the camera = didn't come out as well as I had hoped. Oh well.

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Please post all corresponding media, pictures, etc... In this thread that is in relation to our group drive to the White Mountains!