will size matter?


Recently I have come into a full set of Enkei Bortex RPM2 18"s off of an Audi.


18x8 +35225/40/R18 Nankang Ultra sports NS2

I have found wheel adapters on Ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/4pc-25mm-Wheel-Spacers-Adapters-Converts-5x100-Vehicles-to-5x112-Wheels-1-Inch-/131052394918

The adapters do not have the hubcentric ring and are 57.1mm center bore. The add says that they are good for 57.1 or smaller hubs. I am wondering if the adapters need to have the ring at 56.1mm to match my existing hub bore or if the 1mm space will make all that much difference. I have read, http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=474715 and here http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/57-1mm-center-bore-ok-usei-148042.html and a few other places regarding this issue and it seems that people are using tape to take up the difference. Has anyone had a similar issue and fixed it in this manner with no problems? 

Also, with the adapters on will I have to modify my fenders or anything else or is the clearance of the XT enough to allow proper fitment? I have stock suspension.

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Do you have any fender mods now? Like rolled rears? With those adapters, your offset will be equivalent to +10.. That's a whole lot of offset. I would think you'd need to at least to roll the rears. With stock suspension I'd be worried that the travel in it would allow the wheels to hit the fenders.

You'd probably be better off selling those and grabbing some wheels with our bolt pattern and your desired offset.

Bratman and Subarude would probably know better, I just did some quick googling.

Skim through this:




Hmm, I have no fender mods now. 

Seems Tuned200 in that post is running 18x8 with +45 on 245/40's with no rubbing, 



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Yes but with your wheels being a 35mm offset and adding wheel spacers of a 25mm thickness that puts you at a 10mm offset together which is over a 1" more of wheel offset so you would have a decent amount of rubbing.He may be running a bigger tire then yours by 3/4" but that number is cut in half cause only half of that 3/4" will be displaced to the face side of the rim



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Another thing is tires are like pants they may say they are one size but all have a little different measurements it's dumb but true cause not all 245/40/18 measure the same but if a rim says it's a 18x8 it's a 18x8

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