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    Greetings From Gray!

    A black 05 legacy gt with black rally armors and an exhaust.
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    Kickin' up snow

    No idea how good the quality will be. But what I did yesterday afternoon
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    Questions for anyone that works at Pape Subaru

    Just ran into some car troubles and I just have a few questions. I would suppose someone that works for pape has an account on here. Tired of calling back and forth with multiple people. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New member!

    New today. Idk if I'm young for this website or not. I'm a 17 year old from gray and I see quite a few subies roaming the streets along with my 05 leggy gt. I would think this is a mostly wrx based group but wondering if there's room for some leggy loving. Just starting to add parts to my car...