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    Found in junkyard, GC 4door AWD 2.2l Automatic

    As title states this is in a junkyard near me. Cannot get pics to load currently. Not much to look at, rusted around windshield, underside looks much better than top, Black, all lights,  bumpers, grill present, 2.2 runs with jumper and has exhaust leak. Told 500 without cats. I have crappy pic...
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    Sports nose swap on wife's Forester

    Couple weeks ago my wife got hit by some jerk in her Forester. She and kids were fine, lucky for him. Mostly the damage was bumper, fog, grill, hood, rad support. I spent a few late nights and this is what I got. Sport nosed forester 2.5x, with much better hella 500 fogs tucked into grill. Most...
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    LandRover addition to family

    I know, I know, non Subaru. As stated once, I have spent more $ than I have to put this on the road, but by most standards I own it cheap. Bad time of year for vehicle add on. Big difference from Outback and Forester. Long time since non Subaru driver in family. No brush guard on it for picture...
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    State Inspection Manual Updated 7-20-12

    Thought many on here would like to know the State of Maine has updated state inspection rules. Most all changes I would say are better for drivers and or stations due to reduction in non safety related issues being dropped, and some stuff that just didn't seem applicable anymore. Example...
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    Outback 01' (Legacy)

    I love this car. Owned vw's and saabs for years, second subaru had it for 2years. Lots of room, lots of practicality, lots of fun on dirt and snow . So far to this I have replaced/modified to keep my sanity and purpose for it in tact, radiator with all aluminum, intake work *cough cheap, KnN...
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    UPdated the 2.5 Leg Outback

    So tonight I did a little work to the OUtback. Finally got new struts, kyb (cheap but lifetime warranty) and a set of New 05 Baja springs installed. Background on this is I found out swapping springs from a baja to my outback will raise clearance from about 7.3 inches to about 8.4 (or more)...
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    new member (to my household)

    I would like to announce a new addition to my family, my son Liam weighing in at 8lbs 2oz born today. His big sister (now 2) is somewhat receptive.... So far. Maybe pics soon. maybe if I can figure it out on my "smart"phone.
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    Snodrift Rally 2011

    So I just got the latest from the interwebs, apparently David Higgins has blown his motor in his srtusa sti on SS6. He had inherited the lead after Antoine L'Estage crashed on SS4 (apparently glare ice issue). So im curious, Pastrana blew his motor 2nd to last stage at NEFR2010 with lead, Not to...
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    input on focus rallycar project

    So I have been wanting to build a rallycar (probably something slow fwd and cheap). I have past experience ice racing with NMIRA in Bath, and autox and rallyx with CMC. I'm not getting any younger and want to transition into regional rally type action. I have the oppertunity to get a 2000...
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    Found a new drummer for my band

    Technically its my rock band. Shes a bit young but seems to have good skills for her age my daughter lauren (6months)
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    Some pics of my rides

    my rides and projects... hope this works
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    New to the board, recently back in subie

    Hey, my names jake. Im a mechanic (at a vw audi dealership, please dont hold against me), I recently got out of my 08 gti, (2door) put my wife into a 07 forester and myself into her 01 Outback. I have been around subaru for a while though most my time spent on german cars at work. So far im flat...