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    Oem take offs 235 45 17

    Brand new oem tires off my 2013 wrx changed them out for the bigger 245's. They have approx 1k on them $450
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    Tire size question

    I have some blizzaks but the are off an sti so instead of 235 45 17 they are 245's. Is this going impact my abs and or my speedo? Or should I be all set to run em.
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    New wrx owner Lewiston

    New to Subaru so far love my 13 wrx. Just got a v2 AP:) can't wait to install. Trying to put up a profile pic but idk why it's such a pain. Nice to have a place to go for sube info and meets etc. look forward to attending some after mine growls a lil louder hahahah.
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    Winter tire wheel fit emergency Q n A

    Will wheels from a 2013 sti bolt on to my 2013 wrx. I know it seems like a silly question but I am about to buy some tires n wheels I don't wanna get screwed. Any help is appreciated
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    Stage 1 upgrade

    I just got my Wrx and it has about 1300 miles now I need to know how much should I let it break it in before getting it flashed and do I have to do a down pipe at the same time or can I wait. If I do need a down pipe is there Anything else I may also need? Thanks for the help !