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    To buy or not buy? -- That is the question.

    Well the time is fast approaching. My first gen Legacy has seen better days.. The inspection is good until July 2015.. then it's bye bye  .    But in the spring I have a chance to buy a 94 SVX that is FWD and has 140ish K on it.. It has no rust... I have been thinking about it for the last...
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    Mighty Car Mods 11 second Legacy build (Gramps)

    I don't know if any of you have seen this so I figured I'd post it. Mighty Car Mods is taking a 2nd Gen Legacy wagon and putting in a ez36 from a 2011 Tribeca. Then they are going to turbo it and put in a 6sp gearbox in hopes of making an 11 second car. They are putting out a new video every...
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    NEFR 2014

    Always a good time! My only vacation during the year! Who is headed to NEFR this year??  Entry List - Spectator Guide -
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    Having problems with new ebrake shoes/new rotors.

    I hate working on brakes..........I put  new E-brake hardware and shoes on the 94 wagon..... Now the new rotors won't fit over the new shoes... WTF??!! The adjuster is all the way closed and e-brake is fully released as well. - BRAKE HATE COMMENCE. What else could be going wrong here??? HELP!
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    02/03 bugeye parts

    A friend of mine hit a deer a while back now he needs a passenger side front sedan fender(Silver) and a passenger side headlight. Anyone have anything laying around? Thanks, Ryan
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    1998 Key Fob...??

    I'm wondering who I contact about getting a new Key Fob for my wife's 98 Legacy GT?     Subaru directly? one of the local dealerships?
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    97 Outback 2.5 problems.

    A friend of mine is having a few issues with his Legacy outback ej25 Its got no fire on cylinder 1 and 2. Hes replaced coil, wires, plugs, gas filter, throttle position sensor with no luck...  Any help would be appreciated.
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    STi releasing BRZ tS in Japan (limited to 500)

    Tokyo, August 19, 2013 – Subaru Tecnica International Inc. (STI)*1 today announced the release of the "SUBARU BRZ tS" which goes on sale on August 19 through Subaru dealerships in Japan. The inherent handling performance of the Subaru BRZ has been further enhanced by using expertise developed...
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    Happy 60th Birthday Fuji Heavy Industries

    Rejoice, Subarites, for it is the 60th birthday of your beloved parent company. Fuji Heavy Industries was founded on July 15, 1953, formed when five former companies of the disbanded Nakajima Aircraft Company. The new logo showed five smaller stars behind a larger one, a symbol that graces the...
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    94 Legacy Sun Sport Wagon.

    Met a guy with a pretty rough 94 Sun Sport Wagon tonight.... Its got 223,xxx the usual rust and he wants to sell it for relatively cheap...I'd like to buy it.... What should I do??...
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    Official NEFR 2013 thread.

    Who is going to NEFR this year?  It's being held July 26th and 27th.  There is already 46 entries so far.
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    Started tearing into the boat anchor EJ22 (Huge pictures)

    I tore this out of my non turbo 94 Legacy in October of 2011. I overheated it at least 4/5 times myself.. I have no idea how many times it has been overheated before me. It had 173K at the time of pull. I've finally got around to messing with it. Here are the results of tearing into it. .. ...
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    What I did on Thanksgiving.

    I swapped the tired stock suspension with 04 Forester XT suspension. (Sorry for the MASSIVE pictures) It made my wife's 98 LGT go from this: To this:
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    Best place for alignment in the Mid-Coast region?

    Putting the struts in the 98 LGT today. Looking for a good place to get an alignment in the Mid-Coast area.
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    Subiesport TV kickstarter Could be cool.. I don't think they can raise the 28K they still need in 15 days though. .