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    04 wrx wagon part out

    The driveline is indeed low mileage, it was swapped into this car before being sold and parted out (fortunately before the idiot kid that owned it had a chance to abuse it), I saw the engine that went with the transmission and it was in excellent condition.
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    Alura's 1992 SVX

    That's what I'm thinking, the sway bars are being stressed far too much, I took some measurements and its a 3/4" drop in the front, and almost 2" in the rear. The rear needs to come up about an inch, from some research I'm thinking wrx wagon struts may he the perfect happy medium this car needs.
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    Alura's 1992 SVX

    What is the best method of figuring out what struts are on there? They certainly dampen better but I may want to see if the struts can actuate enough for stock svx springs.
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    Alura's 1992 SVX

    What exactly is the suspension made out of? It rides ok but I busted some of the bumper mounts getting it off the trailer, I don't want to resort to putting stock struts back on
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    Alura's 1992 SVX

    So many years later and several owners this car has fallen into my hands, not as pretty as it was when restored. 3 coils 2 injectors and New plugs she purrs like a kitten. That 4.44 makes the difference! Completely smokes my other svx with the stock trans. In the process of cleaning it up and...
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    Parts for sale 02-07 Impreza/WRX/88 GL/Brat/98 Forester/00 legacy wagon/98 legacy sus

    The hood is no big deal, mine is kinda dented but can be cleaned up. I do need the passenger front fender as I bought my car all mashed in.
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    Parts for sale 02-07 Impreza/WRX/88 GL/Brat/98 Forester/00 legacy wagon/98 legacy sus

    Perfect, I need a hood, pass. Fender and a trim piece, mine is black, how is the condition?
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    84 Honda 250 Motorcycle.

    Is this a cb250 or a rebel? I want to teach my girlfriend to ride and this sounds perfect to fix up.
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    Parts for sale 02-07 Impreza/WRX/88 GL/Brat/98 Forester/00 legacy wagon/98 legacy sus

    What color is the forester? I need some body panels I believe I have a good one for you, let me check if its worn out or not.
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    99 ej25 engine for sale and 99 forester partout

    How much for the midpipe and back? (If it's quiet) I keep welding mine and always breaking in another spot. What's wrong with the car that's not worth fixing?
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    93-01 Impreza bits, & 02 WRX pieces for sale

    Will that sway bar bolt into a 00 forester?
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    Looking for a 2.2!

    I have a 2000 2.5 sohc with map, 90% of it is there you may need a couple little parts, I'll let it go cheap.
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    Studded-ish Snow Tires

    Where are you located? I'm interested because I will be lowering my forester on wrx struts. Will stock forester wheels still clear if I drop it to wrx height? (My struts are blown and I have a matching set of KYB struts already with springs so why not?)
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    down on power?

    I can get my hands on a long block that needs headgaskets for $200 should I go for it and do it perfectly from the start? If anyone has a 2.5 sohc block that needs resealing I am very interested.
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    down on power?

    So I got new intake gaskets installed, the old ones were not seated properly, it definitely starts easier and does not bog as badly but it's still very low on power. The green one definitely revs much quicker. Could it be because I put a dohc block into a sohc car? Not sure if that drops...