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    Studded snow tires w/ wheels

    I'm sell stock 2003 wrx wheels with General altimax arctic studded snow tires with 9/32 tread, one tire is leaking at the bead. Just rebead the tire to stop leak. Have pictures, text 207-713-4292 $300.
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    nameless unequal length headers

    ***SOLD*** I have these 02-05 ej205 headers for sale, I installed them but never ran the engine. need these gone asap for medical stuff that came up. $325 obo text me at 207-713-4292 or send me a PM. I can send you pictures via text. I tried uploading pictures both ways failed.
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    Wtb ej205 purge control solenoid

    Hey guys, Does anyone have a purge control solenoid laying around I can buy? While I was replacing my power steering pump I unhooked the evap hoses and they turned to dust along with the nipples on the purge solenoid.
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    WTB 02-07 wrx side skirts w/ all clips

    Title says everything, color doesn't matter but wrb would help Send me a pm for quicker response.
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    wrx no boost and engine overheating

    Hey guys my 03 wrx is having a weird issue. Boost only goes up to 5 lbs. the engine also overheats, but no bubbles show up in the overflow tank or the resivior above the turbo. All boost hoses have just been replaced with silicone hoses. Any ideas?
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    WTB: 06 or 07 STI transmission and other things.

    I just came into some extra $$ so im looking to do some stuff to my cah. What im looking for is an 06 or 07 STI tranny, 03 wrx automatic driveshaft, and a wingless trunk. PM me if you have or know somenoe that has any of these parts.
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    a not so serious review... 2003 wrx

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    first review of the 2015 wrx

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    Trunk won't open

    I have an 03 wrx with a bum trunk. Iv done some research and tried a few things like tightening the cable on the leaver on the floor and at the mechanism,checked if the cancel switch is on and its not, my key doesn't even turn when i put it into the lock. I tried all the keys i have (Master, 2nd...
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    Zach's 2003 WRB WRX

    Just a little update Last week i installed a 24mm front sway bar and last night i FINALLY got some shoes on my BBS's. I think I need some tint.
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    Reppin' Maine

    Found this shit listening to Pandora last night. immediately youtubed this guy an found this hilarious song.
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    225-50-16 Hankook RS-3

    Now That I have a set of winter and summer dedicated wheels I no longer need these 16 inch tires. You can get one more season out of them or more if you don't AutoX them( they passed for an inspection sticker this year). These tires in this size go for $484 brand new. I'm going to ask $200...
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    used aftermarket heaven

    We need this kind of store in the U.S
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    20mm Front sway bar

    Selling my stock 03 Sedan wrx front sway bar. it has 200k miles as far as I know but still did it job. $50 OBO. price is very negotiable just make an offer I might say yes. I can post a pick if you want to see it.
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    03 Ford Focus SE

    Hey guys the driveway is getting kinda full so its time to get rid of this one to make some room. To see pics go to this link $1650 OBO For Sale is a 2003 Ford Focus SE 5 speed manual transmission with 120k miles 1 OWNER (non-smoker) and garage...