08 WRX stereo build


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so im getting angry w/o a good stereo now a days,it had to happen sometime.

it came with some JL audios 6 1/2 already in it


Did a "subaru premium" extra tweeter install(all the wires were ready just needed to get the grill and speakers)



Built my own box.


port filling in.


port filling out.


Pioneer premier 4 ohm Dual voice coil 12 inch sub



Kenwood eXcelon 2din touch w/ bluetooth, DVD, highspeed ipod, 5v Preamp sub RCA



Ipod in center


Also a Amp kill switch.


Extreme 1500 watt amp (bridged) (500 watt 2 channel rms).


not much room in the back anymore


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What are you going to do about the other speakers? Can't have a "Stereo" build with just a subwoofer



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FU dan.... FU.
FU? stands for Freaking Unstoppable, dont get down ryan you will have a 12 speaker stereo someday soon, and btw did the whole install myself. if u need help with an install soon?



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I may, seems like lately I can't even find time to wash my car. It has about 3 1/2 weeks of wet dirt road grime on it right now.



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BTW, I have everything I need to put a decent system in my car, I just don't feel like putting my old Single DIN sized Kenwood 25th aniversary system from 2005 in to a 2009 with a Double Din opening. I still have my Kenwood Excelon 2 channel 1200 watt amp and my 2 12"s subs but I also don't wanna lose much trunk space. I want an Audio Integrations box with a single 10" sub and a decent single channel, perhaps D class amp. Nothing too extravagant. Unfortunatly the Excelon speakers in my old pontiac are a different size from the Subaru, so I need new speakers. If my luck ever improves and I stop hitting deer and having surprise hospital bills, then maybe, one day, I will build it!



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Just a quick thought on this.The box design looks good,but I see you used what looks like 3/4" plywood for your box. Im not trying to tell you what to do,but a $30 sheet of MDF would do wonders for your sound quality,if not now,maybe a little later when the glue holding the layers together gives up. You will probably start to hear a slight "buzzing" when it starts to vibrate apart. Last,if you are thinking about covering the box,check a place called Fabric Warehouse,its over near Maine Oxy,in Auburn. they have a lot of carpet and vinyl remnants that are dirt cheap (2 or 3 bucks for enough to cover a single sub box),and you can usually find any color you might need. Ive been building systems for a little over 20 years,and this has been my secret store for most of those years. Im actually about to do an old school Rockford setup in my 04,got a couple big old power series amps,and 2 HX2 12" 4" coiled subs,with JL 5 1/4" components up front,and JL coaxials in the rear deck.Just a single DIN eclipse CD head,and a little sonic help from audiocontrol should do it...



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looks cool dan...not a lot of room in the back of those things huh.....by the way....wheres the video!!!!!!!!!!