easy question for Turbo car owners


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way old post but...

I do my STi between 2-3 K for the most part depending on what is up. Recently I did it sooner as it underwent some performance changes just to make sure it was all still there and no additional pollutants were introduced.

The 4runner gets it every 3500-4500 at this point. It is on 05 with almost 139 miles on it and I am determined to see at least 250K.

To me there is only one oil to use as well.. mobil1

I have always had great luck withg it.



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Also did you guys read about the kid who put gear oil in his motor? And it was a WRX. It was like 75w90 fluid!
75w90 gear oil though is a similar weight to a motor oil that are car uses. They're graded on different scales.

Still with the additives in those...not a good idea

I change mine pretty much 3750 with M1 and a pureone filter. I always get a kick out of people changing their oils and intervals with no hard evidence. Used oil analysis is the best way to know how your oil is holding up.

And steer clear of Royal Purple, some of the worst UOA's i've ever seen in WRXs were on that oil.



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Wow... this surprises me big time. I feel there is absolutely no need to be changing your oil every 3000 miles, especially using synthetic! That's just a waste of time and money in my book.

Oh well, opinions are like a-holes, everyone's got one



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& they all stink..hahahaha...

The big reasons for myt deduction in oil change mileage is two fold...

the 4runner has well over 100k and is our daily driver

The STi gets it a lot,,,well because it is my STi and I love it...I had an inscident of flodding the car out with a crappy batter and its versize injectors, I always have a slight paranoid edge about filling my oil up with fuel again.

waste of $$$ perhpas... better peice of mind....yep.



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Lots of M1 lovers on here eh? After reading the horror stories over on NASIOC and reading Uncle Scotty's posts, my Suby will never see M1 again.

Rotella T 5w40 FTW!

*Can 'o worms open*



the car is black. I swear
using amsoil turbo formula and the sti will probably get changed as often as the other cars. twice a year. right now it does need a change, it's a little over 3k with the m1 it came with.



3000-3500 w/ amsoil 5w-30.

sent it off to blackstone twice, came back great.



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I have brandy new theory for my STi...

Y bother changing the oil...Eventually it gets changed everytime my deadbolt turbo blows up...which has been sooner than the mobil1 requirements for an oil change...



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