July 2013 Meet-Jimmy the Greeks


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Typically Portland meets have been averaging 20+ plus so we figured it would be a safe bet to reserve the room. Guess not! Ill be at the bar



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flakey people are flakes. im surprised theres no interest, that's a awesome place



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It's happening regardless. I just don't see the normal amount of people attending so I'm not covering the difference when we don't reach 250!!!



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I'm just not for sure yet. Sometimes when I ask for days off my boss says no but then when he writes the schedule he gives me them off so I wont know till either today or tomorrow. I just said no just in case. I would love to go, I try and go to every meet, I haven't missed one in a long time. 



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Like i said to you earlier, mike and i will be there, I just will be pretty late because I'm working. But its like an 8 minute drive so I'll be there as soon as I get out of the hospital!



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Yeah I cant make it guys... sorry



I'm always a wild card because I'm in NH for work a lot. I went to NH on friday so I don't think I'll have to make a trip this week... so, I'm a probably.



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Yo who's all going? I'm going to try to make it, I don't want poor Matty Matt to drink all alone...



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I have to work until 7ish, but I'll swing in on my way home and have a beer!

Edit : I forgot I'm the boss! I'll be there around 6ish.

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I'll be there. I think I'm selling a transmission mount to Spiller...?

Looking at the menu right now was a bad idea; I want everything on here.


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