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Put pictures up of you and your long hair.  Or the Focus you had in high school; "Focus powerrrrr!!!!".
No no no and... no haha. That thing had some power which is funny cause it pulled a full car of people (including Big Chris) up a very steep hill covered in snow in ice, then again I was prob at 4500-5000 rpms in second gear hahaha



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I haven't been in for years. Was an OG member of Team Industry, then stuck around when they Shifted to Splatz ESG. Good times.

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Here are our twins, mine and IBratmanI's: TWINS!!! <-- clicky clicky [13 months old... they are 15+ months old now].

And, here is me! My hair color has already changed 4 times since this picture, and that was from 2 weeks ago maybe. But, I figured I'd post this, since a Mainely member came over and saw me shabby, and busted as heck! Totally dirtball mommy mode, which I am never in!