M/S Annual Meet Dyno list!


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Soooo my dear old mother just reminded me of her graduation on May 18th at 9:30 am at SMCC. Now, I can't even go let alone dyno my car.



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if you want non subarus to fill the slots i can put the word out to my other circles of car enthusiasts



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What I don't quite get is why on their website it already says, "We offer 3 back to back pulls on our dynojet 424 (AWD or 2wd) for $75!", so how was it even a 'discounted' $80 to begin with lol.

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The discount doesn't even make sense, to be honest. They're encouraging us to make more work for them so they can charge us less money. In reality, our collective monies would mean we get 2 cars for free.

8 @ $80 = $640

10 @ $60 = $600

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