M/S Annual Meet Dyno list!


Ben, stop over thinking it. The point of lowering the price was to get those who could not afford or didn't think the $80 price was worth it more incentive to dyno their car. It has nothing to do with how much they take in. /discussion.

P.S. there is no "work" for you, you sign up. I promote this trying to get people to sign up.



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What I don't quite get is why on their website it already says, "We offer 3 back to back pulls on our dynojet 424 (AWD or 2wd) for $75!", so how was it even a 'discounted' $80 to begin with lol.
Well, we are going to be tieing up their facility all day, which prevents them from making any additional revenue.  I think Alex is doing us a solid dropping the price



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I wish this was any other weekend.. i'm going to cape cod that weekend, but i really want to know how slow my 1.8 actually is... dang. any guesses for a 17 year old 1.8L that has 187,xxx miles and was 110hp off the assembly line? I guess 85-90hp..



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I wanted to dyno my wagon but I shattered 2nd gear the other night....



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You'll meet at the kennebunk rest stop meeting Brian Lowell who will lead you all down to the new location.



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Good thing it's a 3rd gear pull huh!!!
Hahaha! I knew someone would say that! I would say screw it and go for it but I don't think my trans locking up on the dyno would very pretty. I drove it from Logan to my mothers in Newbury, MA with 2nd clanking and banging around in there. She wasn't impressed with being picked up from vacation and hearing that all the way home.... If I can find a trans this week and there are still spots I'll run it.