Post Your Appropiate Pics (Work Safe Please)


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Attack of the ugly stick, enough said.
Holy **** ... by the looks of his glasses, his eyesight isn't the greatest. Maybe he needs his goggles readjusted ...



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Haha...I would say that it is more like Sith fail, since this was 20 years before the Empire even existed and he was only an a apprentice, not the Master.



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The first one above is a member of USMB,(actually quite the ass, but he's a mod so no one will do anything about it) but cool car! And the second believe it or not is all Subaru! He has a 12" lift and a transfer case(the only non subaru part) He has a motor out of an XT6, so it's a 2.7 liter H6. Unfortunately it has pretty much rusted away at this point


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