The life, death, and ressurection of a king.


UPDATE 3/29/2011 This has become the general log thread for this car. Post #3 will have / has the details. The whole thread is worth a read though.

Friends, family, fellow Subaru owners; we are gathered here today to celebrate the life of our beloved 2002 2.5 Impreza RS.

Purchased used in 2005 with 78,000 miles, the car finally got the owner it deserved.

The past six years have seen a plethora of memories in the well used interior. Autocross, rallycross, group drives, pavement, dirt, commuting, racing, dates, all have graced this car.

In order to celebrate and remember these times, we have a pictorial.



Lookin' Good:

Group Drives (into ditches):

And pictures from last weekend, the last adventure:

Thanks for all the wonderful times.

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What happened.

I've been fighting with transmission issues since August. Clutch was slipping, replaced it. After replacing it, transmission was making a horrid noise. Bought a used transmission off ray, swapped it in. Friday that one decided to grenade itself. Now I'm out of working transmissions.

I've got a few options right now to get the car back together, but at this point, I'm not sure if that's going to happen. It's worth so little that selling it is pointless, so it will get mothballed and I'll get a new daily. If I don't find a daily I like or what I'm looking at falls through, I'll explore replacement driveline options for the RS.

The RS WILL be resurrected as a rally slut. I just don't know when...



UPDATE 3/29/2011 (I knew I reserved this post for a reason)

Oh hey, I resurrected the car. Bought Gabes 04 FXT gearbox, diff, axles, and clutch setup. Read the tread to learn more!

I'll also put the mod list in this post (when I get around to it), since apparently people like that stupid shit.

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Dan, you done lifted. So, whats next?
Shopping around for a new daily. This week I get to borrow the family Jeep Grand Cherokee till sis gets home for winter break. Then I'll drive her wrangler. I've got two weeks of work than a week off. I have to have something figured out in the next three weeks. I've got one car I am VERY interested in, and another as a "get me through" ride. Gabe has his forester xt drivetrain I could buy. Dave (urabus) has an RS transmission with a blown center diff I could buy and have mikey swap. I've got options. I'm not completely screwed, but I definitely wasn't expecting this.



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I would say that she don't owe you nothin'

I am sure you got all your options thought through, however will keep my eyes peeled for deals for ya.

Have fun with cherokee straight 6 in the mean time!


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